Welcome to Cloud Nine Pajamas 

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Cloud Nine presents comfort as a way of life – where relaxation meets luxury and style to ensure you feel your best. After a full day of running errands, taking care of others, or working at the office, what feels better than putting on your favourite pair of pajamas? Or curling up with a coffee, good book, and blanket in a well loved loungewear outfit?

We at Cloud Nine believe being comfortable is key to a healthy lifestyle; so lounge on a Sunday morning, put on your favourite pajamas after work, and relax in what makes you feel your finest.

Why We Started

It all started with books, drinks, food, and laughter…

Meeting after meeting, the ladies of one Edmonton book club were talking not about books, but how they couldn’t sleep! As many of them were (and still are) in the thrust of menopause, night sweats were disrupting their sleep and making them a little bit grumpy. They needed something that would help, but couldn’t find anything in Edmonton that would fit the bill.

With this in mind, Cloud Nine Pajamas opened in Edmonton, Alberta in 2005.  Cloud Nine promotes a lifestyle of comfort by carrying everything from famous flannels, bamboo pajamas, Oprah’s Favourite Pajamas, “wicking” sleepwear for night sweats and traveling, buttery soft robes to bath and body products – they even carry footed pajamas for adults during the holiday season.  As Robyn and Miranda (owners and managers) love to put on their pajamas every day after work because it makes them feel relaxed and at their best, Cloud Nine provides the pajamas and loungewear for every woman and man to do the same.

So lounge, love, put on your pajamas, and be comfortable!

WIN House Gift Wrapping

WIN House is a non-profit project of Edmonton’s Women’s Shelter and exists to further non-violent relationships and environments for women with or without children. Through various services and programs, WIN House provides relief and support to women and children seeking refuge from abusive relationships. Cloud Nine supports WIN House by donating all profits from gift wrapping to the organization. To find out more about WIN House and its services, go to: http://www.winhouse.org.