Once upon a time, there was a young woman who searched for the perfect pair of pajamas.  As she searched and searched, she realized she was unwilling to compromise style for comfort. Much to her dismay, she found nothing. A former art student, she dusted off her sketch book and began designing her first pair of pajamas. After many incarnations she finally got exactly what she was looking for - a classic, sexy, stylish pair of pajamas that were cozy and comfortable beyond her wildest dreams.  She found she wanted to spend as much time as she could in her new comfy pajamas and that they are for far more than warmth & comfort - they are also convenient for running errands, jetting to class, striking a pose in yoga, or morning walks to the cafe. And so it was only natural that she wanted to create as many pajamas as she could and share them with all the other woman out there looking to lounge and sleep in style. Soon she began adding more wonderful, wearable pieces that flatter and fit spectacularly.  Stellina is a modern, comfy, stylishly sexy line of sleepwear/loungewear from designer Renee Faia