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Sizzle Lighter

The Pitmaster Sizzle Lighter


Hold the Sizzle Pitmaster lighter and notice the ease with drawing back the sliding switch that creates the brightly intense ignition. Hear the hiss of power by the sustained laser-like arc charge, allowing you to safely ignite your gas, wood, or charcoal BBQ with minimal effort.  
The evolution of lighter ignition. The Sizzle Pitmaster is a USB rechargeable lighter, offering longevity and reliability. The LED display allows you to gauge its power level with frequent usage. Charge the lighter from any USB device or USB adapter – just like your phone.Set the mood, season after season.The Sizzle Pitmaster is engineered as an all-purpose lighter for indoor/outdoor use. Easily ignite fire pits, lanterns, torches, tealights and candles and create your own illuminating environment. (USB charge cord included).


Please note it is 1 lighter. The photo of the 3 lighters together is for colour purposes! 

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Mariah Jefferson
One of the coolest things I’ve ever purchased at Cloud Nine!

One of the coolest things I’ve ever purchased at Cloud Nine! Being a huge candle person, this is so convenient for me! You get so many lights out of one charge and it’s perfect for when the candles are low, you don’t have to worry about burning your fingers trying to get the last of the wick!