Cloud Nine Pajamas is a local family owned and operated business.

0ur family

Meet Robyn. Foodie.  Understanding.  Compassionate.


Robyn is passionate about comfort and supporting local businesses.  She loves spending time with her daughter Scarlett and husband Scott.  She loves to travel to enjoy new places, try different foods and explore the best beaches.  Robyn gets huge satisfaction when she can provide customers with the perfect pair of pajamas.  Robyn owns over 50 pairs of pajamas (go figure) and loves Paper Label because it is oh-so-soft! 

Meet Miranda.  Determined.  Goofy. Caring.


Miranda (aka Randi) is the youngest of the three Zechel Sisters and definitely the loudest of them all!  You may often walk in and find her singing along to the radio or joking around with the staff and customers!  Social media and marketing are her focus within the business. Randi says, “Interacting with customers and staff is my favourite part about my job.  I always try to brighten someone’s day, and usually they end up brightening mine!”  Her favourite brand of pajamas is Scarlett Ellie because they are comfortable, unique and cute. She also loves what the brand stands for.. comfort, self-love, confidence and women empowerment! 

 Meet Kate.  Yogi.  World Traveler.  Animal Lover.


Kate is a yoga instructor and loves to spend time with her family and fiancée Greg. She enjoys working with customers to help outfit them in pajamas they love! She loves the quality and luxurious materials that Cloud Nine offers and her favourite brand is Munki Munki.

Meet Jan.  Kid and Animal Lover.  Traveler.  Everyday-All-Day PJ Wearer.

Jan Cloud Nine Pajamas.jpg

Jan is married to the amazing Bob.  She is mother to Robyn, Kate and Miranda, and the most amazing Nana to Scarlett.  Jan has been dubbed the “Hot Mom” on a TV segment we did!  She is grateful to work at Cloud Nine because she loves meeting people and helping them to find comfy, cozy PJ’s they love. Jan's favourite pajama brands are Yala and all the wicking brands.

Meet Bob.  Dad.  Detail Guy.  Jack of all Trades.

Bob Cloud Nine Pajamas.jpg

Bob is an entrepreneur and lawyer (in that order).  Bob provides thoughtful, practical support to almost every area of the business. He’s a numbers guy. He’s a behind the scenes doer. And he offers up a healthy dose of left-brained balance to the beautiful right-brained ideas that are dreamed up almost every day from the rest of the family. He’s a keeper. 


Meet Scarlett Ellie. Boss Babe. Independent. Go-Getter. 


Scarlett is currently the real boss of the house hold & business, she is a pretty darn good boss babe. If she isn't make us smile or laugh she is sitting in on our weekly meetings (not even kidding about that hahah). We are so lucky to have such a happy, strong girl in our lives.

A Note From The Family


We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support in our local company. When we started this adventure we had no idea how it would grow and become the business we are today. We are so thankful and lucky to have the most amazing customers and staff. 


Robyn, Miranda, Kate, Bob, Jan, Scarlett!

our cloud nine pajamas family 

Meet Shawna.  Compassionate.  Reliable.  Cheerful.


Shawna is a mother of 2 boys whose many after school activities keep her busy.  She enjoys movies, making cards (when she finds the time!) and shopping local as much as she can!  She loves coming to work at Cloud Nine where she gets to meet wonderful customers and create a positive experience in their day.  Her perfect evening is relaxing in her favourite PJ Salvage pajamas reading a good book.

Meet Rachel.  Cat Lover.  Energetic.  Caring.  


Rachel is the Manager at our Windermere location and she loves napping, making her the perfect fit for our pajama store! When she's not napping you will most likely find her eating some crispy toast in bed and watching netflix with her two cats. Her favourite pairs of pjs are the soft PJ Salvage and the moisture wicking Yala, perfect for snuggling with her warm fur buddies!

Meet Heather. Kind. Devoted. Grateful.


Heather is the Manager of our High Street location. She loves being part of the Cloud Nine team, getting to know customers and helping find pajamas that bring joy to you! If she's not at Cloud Nine Pajamas, she's at home with her beautiful dog, Abby! She loves doing crafts, knitting and spending time with her niece. Her favourite brand is This is J for their wide waist band and beautiful prints, but really loves anything and everything with pockets!

Meet Sarah.  Dancer.  Goofball.  Down to Earth Girl.


Sarah is currently enrolled in school.  Dancing everyday makes her smile.  Selling pajamas makes her even happier.  Friends and family mean the most to her, as well as finding a great pair of PJ’s for a customer.  Sarah’s favourite pair of pajamas are the cozy and cute PJ Salvage.

Meet Lisa. Positive. Attentive. Happy-go-Lucky.


Lisa is a lover of local business. Coming from a small town, she knows the power of supporting your community. She also believes in the power of self-care. For as many pj’s as Lisa owns, it’s rare to find her sitting still; she’s always happy to find your perfect remedy to a long day (or week or month!). When she does unwind, she’ll be snuggled up with her kiddo, Link, in her favourite This Is J or Paper Label pajamas. They feel (and look) so good, making mom life THAT much more glamorous!

Meet Brittany. Warm. Genuine. Bubbly. 



Brittany is a student at the University of Alberta. She can often be found in and around St. Albert, shopping, volunteering or walking her dog (BFF/Best Furry Friend) to the park! Brittany loves working at Cloud Nine Pajamas where she can help customers find the perfect pajamas or products that fit their every need! She also enjoys seeing customers leave with a smile on their face! Brittany’s favourite brand of pajamas is PJ Salvage for their incredibly cuddly fabrics!

Meet Marissa. Animal lover. Baker. Loves to read.


Marissa has two dogs who love to go on long walks with her or just snuggle up next to her while she drinks a good cup of coffee and reads a good book at any time during the day. Her favourite brand is Yala because of its soft comfort and verstility for any time of day or night.

Meet Angie. Thoughtful. Positive. Happy to Help.


Angie is a mom of two little boys who keep her very busy! Receiving a pair of her favourite brand of bamboo pajamas, “This is J”, changed her life forever and she jumped at the chance to join the Cloud Nine family so she could share her passion for being cozy and comfortable. Angie spends a lot of time baking, playing lego, play-doh and visiting the library. She is a beach bum when she can find one, and enjoys spending the summers camping with family in the Okanagan and Northern Saskatchewan.

Meet Hunter. Creative, Empathetic, Kind-hearted


Hunter is currently in school at the University of Alberta. She loves tea, her two kittens and all things sweet! Curling up in her pajamas and watching a great movie might just be the best thing yet! Her favorite pajamas are P.J. Salvage & Paper Label!

Meet Nicole. Sweet. Studious. Dependable.


Nicole is a nursing student at MacEwan University, with hopes of becoming an Operating Room nurse. When she’s not studying, you can find her snuggled up in some jammies, reading a book with her puppy tucked in beside her. She also loves being outside and relaxing in the sunshine! Her favorite brand of pajamas is PJ Salvage because putting on a cozy pair of flannels is the perfect way to unwind at the end of the day!