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Remove It Cloths 4 Pack


Remove It! Make Up Removing Cloths! 

4 Pack- Comes with Vibrant Violet, Lovely Lilac, Bold Black and Deepest Purple! 

These magical cloths take off all your make up with just using water! 

Eco Friendly 


Machine Washable 

Chemical Free 

Gentle On Face 

100% Polyester 

Customer Reviews

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Lindsay Hunter

I have had these cloths for forever and since I never wore makeup, I would just use them to wash my face since they are so luxurious and soft! Well... now we are out of isolation and makeup days are back and I was shocked the first time I used Remove It Cloths to take it off because it removed everything, including my waterproof mascara! I won't lie, on lazy days where I just do not feel like leaving my bed to wash my face (hey, we have all been there), I'll grab my Remove It and dump some water from my water bottle on it and there I am, good as new. These are easy, gentle and reusable which has saved me a dime on makeup wipes in the long run. These are definitely a must have!

Hi Lindsay,

Thank you for the great feedback and glad to know they work so well for you! It's nice to know you LOVE them as much as we do!!

Stay Cozy,

Celeste Jackman
Ahhhhhh mazing(amazing)

These cloths are ahhhhhhh-mazing. Super soft,very absorbant, and got my makeup off without making my face sensitive. I am so glad they sent them, and i legitimately will not be using any other makeup removal cloth ,now that i have tried these. Absolutely love then❤️

Hi Celeste,

Thank you for the awesome feedback! Glad to know that you are loving your Remove It cloths as much as we do. Enjoy!

Stay Cozy,

Shawna Fetter
They take off ALL my makeup including my waterproof mascara

I struggled for years trying to find something to take off my waterproof mascara for these sensitive eyes of mine – everything I tried irritated my eyes until I started using these amazing clothes! They take off ALL my makeup including my waterproof mascara with JUST water – nothing else! They wash wonderfully, do not get that weird smell that washcloths sometimes do, and my whole family (including my boys!) use them to wash their face - everyone needs these in their life!

Angie Fraser
Amazing value for money, no more buying makeup remover.

Amazing value for money, no more buying makeup remover. Removes all makeup in seconds, can't live without them now!

Brittany Anderson
A staple

The Remove It Cloths are a staple for every makeup wearer (and even if you don't wear makeup!). They are a more environmentally-conscious option to help remove makeup by only using water! The cloths are extremely gentle on the skin and truly remove all of the makeup from the day. They are easy to wash and reuse. These are an excellent gift for anyone in your life.