Incredible Satisfaction

I'm not sure where to write to express my incredible satisfaction with your moisture wicking pajamas so I'll do it here.

I must admit I was a bit skeptical that pajamas could take away all the cold, clammy wet pajamas and wet sheets that is symptomatic of the peri-menopause that I'm going through but I thought I'd give it a go as I was getting desperate to sleep better.

Well, last night was my first night wearing your bamboo pajamas and WOW, they totally and COMPLETELY took away all of those symptoms!!! I was amazed. Of course I still had the hot flashes during the night but was able to go back to sleep each time because I still stayed dry and wasn't freezing afterward.

Initially I was shocked at the price of these pajamas but now I see they are worth every penny for the sake of a better night's sleep!!!

I will be a strong advocate of your moisture wicking pajamas from now on and if I ever come across any other women suffering from the same problems I have been having I will DEFINATELY tell them about your moisture wicking pajamas.

Thank you so much!!