How To Pick Out The Perfect Gift!

How To Pick Out The Perfect Gift!
How To Pick Out The Perfect Gift!

How To Pick Out The Perfect Gift!

Let Us Help You!

Sleepwear can be an enjoyable and practical gift for someone you care about. It is something that people wear every night, making it a thoughtful and useful present. However, choosing the right sleepwear gift for someone can be tricky. We are here to help!

The 2 biggest questions I always ask when helping someone pick out the perfect gift: 

 - Do they wear pajamas or a nightshirt?

- Are they hot or cold?

Here are some tips to help you pick the perfect sleepwear gift for your loved ones:

1. Consider the Style - The first thing to keep in mind is the recipient's preferred style. Do they like to wear matching sets, or do they wear a t-shirt and shorts to bed? Do they prefer a nightshirt? Do they prefer bright colors or neutrals? Do they like pajamas that are fitted or loose? Are they hot or cold? These are just some of the questions to consider when choosing sleepwear.

2. Think about the Fabric - The choice of fabric is also important, as different materials can affect a person's sleep quality. For example, bamboo is a comfortable fabric that is breathable and lightweight. Polyester and microfleeces feel super soft and luxurious, but can sometimes be too warm to wear during the summer. Flannel is perfect for colder weather, but it’s not comfortable in warm seasons.  

3. Consider the Brand -  It is also essential to pay attention to the brand you are buying. Some brands have better quality than others, and therefore, their clothing lasts longer. Pick brands that have a good reputation....Did you know we stand behind ANYTHING purchased at Cloud Nine? We want YOU to be happy! (aka the gift receiver!). We have the BEST return policy I have ever seen!

4. Check the Size - We are happy to help with this whether is by email, message, in store or on a chat, we are great at helping find the perfect size for someone!

5. Don't forget about the icing on the cake  -  don't forget to make it the perfect gift by adding in those special touches like slippers, a robe, or bath bomb, something yummy.  My top recommendations for adding the "icing to the cake" aka making it the perfect gift - Remove It Cloth, Bath Bombs, Robe, Candles - think of the things they will enjoy pairing with or doing while they spend time in their pajamas! 

Conclusion: A thoughtful sleepwear gift is a wonderful way to show someone you care about them, especially if it is chosen correctly. Consider the recipient’s style, fabric preference, and the extra little touches when picking out the perfect sleepwear gift. And, remember, nothing beats quality and comfort when it comes to sleepwear.  

We are here to help you make it the PERFECT GIFT! 

Stay Cozy,